Why Plus

Since I joined Shopify as a Guru in October last year, it's been an epic experience! There is nothing better than solving a problem for a Merchant who has obviously been pulling their hair out trying to troubleshoot it themselves. The genuine gratitude they give is fantastic.

Initially, I found being a Guru pretty tough. There was so much new information, so it was a steep learning curve. I'm one of those people who enjoys a challenge and wants to be good at everything, so I stuck with it. In my mind, I had the 'Sink or Swim' mentality. With the help of my awesome NOM Squad Family my confidence and knowledge grew. I've only had one Squad so far, and I'm not sure if this is 'rare' or not, but my Squad is THE SHIT. Such LEGENDS! We really are a little family (that have never actually met in person, which I still find funny) that can rely on each other for those tough interactions or challenging problems. You'll always get a response in our Slack channel, even if it's just encouragement or a hunch in the right direction. I can definitely say that they have heavily contributed to my extremely positive experience at Shopify so far. I'm sure people say it all the time, but a huge highlight of Shopify is Shopifolk community.

So here I am, 6 months into the guru role and having to handle the next challenge - not letting my Shopify journey end. It's not ideal having to leave Canada one year earlier than expected, but I can now try and make a positive from this negative by applying for the Launch Manager role in New Zealand. 

I know I can do this! It may be a steep learning curve, but I've overcome a challenge like that in the past. I've been lucky enough to be apart of the Shopify family in Canada. It really is such an unbelievable opportunity to be a part of something like this. I truly believe in Shopify's vision, (watching the Summit 2017 talks really got me pumped up) the company is a trailblazer and has so many amazing new prospects in the future, that I would love to continue being a part of. Now I have the opportunity to help Shopify Plus continue to succeed in the part of the world where I am from. Helping Kiwi merchants succeed with Shopify Plus, GET SHIT DONE and make commerce better for everyone!