Explore all Moises features

Unlock your creative potential with features designed to revolutionize how you create, practice, and produce music.

Song Key Finder

Struggling to identify a song's key? Our song key finder swiftly and accurately determines it for you. Try it now!

BPM Finder

Our cutting-edge technology will enable you to tap into the unique cadence of any song flawlessly.

AI Lyrics Transcription

Our AI feature transforms songwriting and vocal practice by accurately transcribing lyrics in multiple languages and syncing them precisely, making it simpler and more efficient for musical exploration and practice.

Lyric Writer

Keep your inspiration flowing with the ultimate lyric-writing sidekick that tailors line and rhyme suggestions to your own ideas. Lyric Writer is a tireless co-writing buddy who goes beyond a rigid AI lyric generator, allowing you to express your creativity like never before.

Chord Finder

Enhance your musical knowledge and elevate your playing experience with Chord Detection. The intuitive chord finder identifies chords in real-time in any song, making learning, practicing, and even creating new arrangements effortlessly.

Pitch Changer

Customize your audio in a few clicks with Pitch Changer feature. Utilize the advanced pitch shifter to effortlessly transform the key of your music or vocals, unlock new creative possibilities, and improve your practice sessions.

Metronome Online

Meet the world's first Smart Metronome online! Boost your practice by setting the BPM, time signature, and accents for a personalized beat.

Vocal Remover

Experience Moises' vocal remover feature: effortlessly separate vocals and create stunning instrumental tracks in a snap.